February 26, 2015, Moscow – On the basis of research-educational medical center of Moscow N1 Policlinic a scientific seminar took place on the subject "Splinting in Dentistry". The clinical and scientific aspect of the role of splinting methodology in modern periodontology was discussed. The event was organized by Dental Academy organization, with the scientific and informational support of SHEPMI. The seminar was held by Galina Pashkova - one of the leading periodontologists of Russia, whose scientific work has been highly appraised both in Russia and overseas. During the last member and board summit of SHEPMI in Madrid Dr. Pashkova’s seminar was acknowledged as compliant to all standards of European dental education and is recommended to physicians’ attention for adequate understanding of role of splinting methodology in modern periodontology. Dozens of doctors, including representatives of Dental Academy and Russian Dental Association attended the seminar. The representative of Eastern European branch of SHEPMI - Dr. Robert Mamikonyan was present at the seminar on behalf of the organization. Dr. Mamikonyan awarded the participants with SHEPMI completion certificates and expressed hope for future collaboration of Russian Dental Association and the Organization.



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