MI periodontology

We are happy to welcome you at the English version of Shepmi Web portal!


We are pleased very much that our Association, which proclaims the ideas of minimum invasion periodontology has been now opened for the English speaking doctors. Within all the period of our existence, starting from Spain, then the whole Europe, then across the whole world our Mission remains unchangeable and means the promotion of ideas of minimum invasion periodontology.


Our English speaking colleagues have got a possibility to get knowledge about it. Lections Shepmi which became famous due to their ingenuousness, simplicity and creativity will sound.

Of cause we realize that the way, which doctor has to work up both in world scale and in dentistry of one particular country to start diagnose and cure periodontic problems at the early stages is very long. One needs to change the way of relations between him and his patients, not to conceive them only as the revenue source, but to make the main aim of his practice – giving of the aid today without expectations that tomorrow this patient will be more attractive for the of expensive constructions, which would replace what we could save now.


However it does not mean that using of MI periodontology puts an end to the financial well-being of the doctor and his practice. The honest performing of the main postulates of MI and using of the main principle of MI periodontology creates friendship between you and hundreds of patients, based on the trust, which is stronger then any marketing instrument.


There was a time when these words seemed to be an utopia and senseless altruism, Which supposed to be consumed by the mechanism of clinics with conveyer of doctors-managers "oriented on supreme viability". There was a time when one tried to convince us that the patient and the buyer of auto tires or window frames are exactly same.


And now, after long years of work, when we see our missions in more then twenty countries, full lecture-halls, attracting more and more new young specialists, when we meet doctors first visited our lectures 15 years ago with their own disciples, who are spreading the ideas of MI periodontology, we can not reject, that the passed way was successful.


Thousands of dentists proved the genuineness of SHEPMI by their own experience. We can see how the trust between doctor and patients increases, how doctor starts to get from his clinic not only profit but also the confidence that he helped people to improve their life.


Todays' SHEPMI (Sociedad Hispano-Europea de Periodoncia Minimante Invasiva) is offices and seminars more then in 20 countries, thousands of doctors, having taken part in our educative programs and sharing our ideas, which means many thousands of patients, who receive well-timed and professional aid in periodontology.


We made the obtaining of membership in SHEPMI very simple, which does not need a time and long paper work. One can get membership after he had listened the set of lectures. Following the result of these lectures the certificate is issued. Each new certificate SHEPMI means discountте for the participation in many conferences, lectures and seminars all over the world within three years.


With best regards and compliments,

DR. M. Sanchez



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