Seminars and lectures

All SHEPMI seminars and lectures have the ITOP (Individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis) status and are confirmed by a licence of the Public Health, Social Policy and Equalities Ministry (Ministerio de Sanidad, Política Social e Igualdades) of Spain and of the EU Health Committee.


List of SHEPMI general summary conferences (2011-2019)


10-13 november, Madrid – Basic course of SHEPMI.


28 august 2017, Thessaloniki – "Regeneration of periodontium in the area of implants in tobacco-dependent. Field session".


26 may 2017, Madrid – "Periodontology and implantology. Cooperation and Contradictions".


3 february 2017, Mexico – "Topical problems of periodontal treatment in Latin America".


25 november 2016, Warsaw – "Periodontitis of the pregnant. Ways of treatment and prevention".


15 july 2016, Bilbao – "Mechanical treatment of periodontitis. Pros and cons".


7 march, Warsaw – "Periodontology in european dental education".


12 february Madrid – "Periodontology in modern dentistry" Reports and discussion.


26.03.2015, Moscow – "Periodontological Maintenance of Patients with Orthopedic Constructions on Implants”.


20.03.2015, Warsaw, Poland – “The Role of Periodontology in the Era of Implantations and Peri-Implant Diseases”


February 26, 2015, Moscow – On the basis of research-educational medical center of Moscow N1 Policlinic a scientific seminar took place on the subject "Splinting in Dentistry".


22.02.2015, Dubai – "Epidemy of periimplantitis. Cause ans solutions".


April 10-13 2014, Novosibirsk – Seminar on "Modern periodontology and its interaction with other dental disciplines".


June 3-4, Barcelona. June 5-6, Rome. – Seminar on "Management of periodontal for orthodontic treatment."


Madrid, April 12 2014 – In Madrid, in the conference room "Ateneo Científico" held a public seminar "Routine maintenance of periodontal patients with titanium implants."


Valenica, April 3-4 2014 – Reasonable Medicine Use Limits in April 3-4 in Valencia passed the intermediate round table conference and Shepmi "invasive and minimally invasive implants periodontics in age."


Rome, April 10/2013 – Reasonable Medicine Use Limits in Periodontology. Negative and Positive Experience of Interaction with Members of Pharmaceutical Business.


Buenos Aires, November 22/2012 – Periodontologist's Tasks in Correct Around-Implant-Area Hygiene and Peri-Implantitis Prevention.
Gala-Concert "The SHEPMI: 15 Years".


Madrid, April 15/2012 – Successful Dental Bleaching Without Harm for General Periodontological Status.


Mexico City, November 16/2011 – Professional Stomatologist-Patient Interaction as Method of Positive Influence on His/Her Choice and Archievement of Satisfactory Periodontological Status.

Lima, April 12/2011 - Non-Surgical Periodontology as Obligatory Phase of Complex Assistance to Every Patient. Structure of a Correct Periodontological Reception by a Stomatologist of Any Specialization.


Barcelona, October 12/2010 - Minimally Invasive Periodontology. New vision in time of crisis of confidence.